3 Education Trends We Love

Posted on December 12, 2018

Education trends come and go but we sure hope these stick around! Block Coding. We LOVE the simplicity of block coding and truly believe this trend will open doors for both students and corporations. Block coding allows students (and professionals) to quickly program a piece of technology to complete a task(s). Any command you can think of “flip backwards”, “follow line”, or “flash light” can be easily accessed and programmed. Block coding allows students to

Reasons to attend FETC

Posted on December 7, 2018

Are you going to FETC January 27-30, 2019 in Orlando? If not, you should sign up IMMEDIATELY!   We are giving away over  in STEM kits, including drones! See video below! Live demo will be happening at our booth #954 ALL DAY EVERY DAY! You can save 10% at registration using the code: CROSSCUT19 The Practical Educator is presenting booth 461 session PS053 We are launching a new product at FETC! Thousands of new technologies and

Cyber Monday Sale 20% Off

Posted on November 26, 2018

Cyber Monday is here and we are offering 20% off ALL PRODUCTS on CrossCuttingconcepts.com! Some of our most popular kits are: This DRONE Kit that challenges students to build a drone, fly a drone, design and build an obstacle course, and to compete in a student-designed obstacle course challenge! This Forensic Entomology Kit that challenges students to analyze insect life cycles against weather conditions and data to solve a MURDER! This Bite Marks Kit challenges students to take on

Differentiated Instruction

Posted on November 14, 2018

A classroom full of  20 or more students most probably requires differentiated instruction, but a class of 1 might need differentiated instruction too.. How and why? Well, we cannot expect a child (or person for that matter) to learn every concept in the same way. Let’s say you teach a child to add using beads. You place one bead on the paper and write “1”, draw a plus sign “+”, place 2 more beads on

Digital Literacy: Students Who Code

Posted on October 31, 2018

Digital Literacy is becoming not only an expectation but a necessity for school-aged kids. We live in an increasingly digital world, and students need to know how to function and interact with digital equipment in order to compete for jobs and opportunities. Online presence is larger than ever, and students are striving to create their own, unique spaces. Not only do students create unique content for social media profiles, but they also create unique apps, forums,

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