Lyle and Louise Small Class Edition PLUS Kit Geared Towards Home Schooling


  • The mystery of Lyle and Louise: small class edition includes all of the following forensic units: blood spatter analysis, forensic entomology, footprint analysis
  • Also includes blood detection and evidence processing, questioned document analysis, fingerprint analysis, bite marks analysis, glass fragment identification, drug testing and analysis, fire debris, gunshot residue and bullet striations 
  • Supplies are included for 1 to 6 students.
  • Storage conditions: cool and dark
  • This kit is geared to middle, high school and undergraduate courses and is matched to National Science Education Standards
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A bloody double homicide has occurred in a remote fishing cabin in the woods. While investigating the murders the mystery grows as the office of the decedents, an abandoned truck, and three victims, burned beyond recognition in what initially seemed an unrelated, fiery vehicle crash, soon appear connected to the cabin crime scene.



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