Stained with Suspicion Kit Breakdown

Posted on March 18, 2018

Let’s talk kits! As we dive into hands-on learning opportunities and options, it allows me the chance to introduce one of the many kits offered by Crosscutting Concepts. But before I do so, I want to touch on the overall goal that each product provides. These kits provide a multi-channel way of thinking for students and assists in enhancing student involvement throughout the classroom. There are multiple routes to take when considering the type of lab
Below the surface of every knowledgeable teacher is a well-organized project for students to follow. Hands-on learning is best linked with step-to-step project-based lessons. We also know that projects can be a hassle to organize and time manage in a classroom setting. Though teachers may have the desire to throw in a couple projects throughout a semester, why can’t there be more? It’s difficult to throw together a well-constructed assignment for a large group. But
The natural love for learning has quickly begun to fade. Students have been struggling to form connections to the material learned in traditional classroom settings. The seven learning styles (visual, physical, aural, verbal, logical, social, solitary) are uniquely chosen by each individual, based on what best comes naturally. Commonly, combinations of the seven styles are formed in order to retain information more effectively. With the rise of test score concerns and requirements in the education

Desolation STEM Review

Posted on February 8, 2018

  Usually, I am not a huge fan of “prescribed labs”, but I must say I found the gold mine of prescribed labs. Desolation STEM Modules from Cross Cutting Concepts has made several modules that provide students with the opportunity to solve a real-world problem then create a model using their solutions. The modules come with everything you need to carry out all tasks with the exception of basic lab supplies like beakers, multi-meters, and

Mass Driver Stem Lab Review

Posted on February 8, 2018

Here is a great review of one of our products by @thepracticaledu   The US Navy is using a railgun to shoot down incoming missiles. The railgun is less dangerous and less expensive than conventional ones by relying on electromagnetics to fire rounds. This same technology is being applied for use in space. The technology that makes the railgun work and that is a potential for other uses is explored in Cross Cutting Concepts Earthbound

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