Statistics in STEM

Posted on October 5, 2018

  We all know a large stressor for teachers is the worry that STEM labs, kits, and activities will not “teach” students concepts they need to know to be successful on tests. This fear is legitimate and should be addressed using statistics, beacuse most STEM kits are student-centered, meaning the students are responsible for their own learning. I challenge you to make a 5-10 question quiz on content you plan to cover using a lab

Genuine STEM for Students

Posted on September 26, 2018

STEM education has been “trending” for several years now. With some many products available on STEM, how do we separate genuine STEM from gimmick STEM products? First, check to see who developed the product you are looking to purchase. Was a STEM professional involved in the development process? If the answer is no, the product may not be your best available option (Although many products created by teachers alone are outstanding and we ARE NOT

STEM Drone Kits

Posted on September 12, 2018

  Why drones? We decided to develop drone kits because drones are becoming a staple in many STEM fields. Engineers are using drones to scope out infrastructure damage and to collect data, and business owners are using drones to aid in aerial photoshoots and videos for advertisement purposes. Photographers are also using drone footage as an integral portion of their portfolios. Drones are also being used to aid victims, deliver packages, and survey land. We

STEM Kit Heavy on Data: Entomology

Posted on August 20, 2018

If you are looking to incorporate data analysis, insects, and forensics, you need Lyle and Louise Nature’s Witness Forensic Entomology Kit. Your students will delve into a story of murder and will be challenged to solve a HUGE mystery using insect collection, data, data analysis, and a prepared case to defend the murder suspects using SCIENCE and MATH! So let’s talk about data analysis… Excel.. YUCK! Great news, I made you an extra cheat sheet.

Back to School

Posted on August 7, 2018

Everyone is preparing to go back to school! Are you ready for the new school year or were you just assigned a new prep? Here’s some advice on how to make “Back to School” less overwhelming. Set Unit Goals. For every unit, plan to utilize 1-2 STEM projects. If your units are tiny, then merge some together. Make sure you plan so that you feel like you can accomplish STEM and your traditional materials. Decide

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