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Lectures in Forensics

Crosscutting Concepts has developed a lecture series for each module in the Mystery of Lyle & Louise. A free preview of each module's lecture is below in PDF format. To access the full version PowerPoint formats of the lectures, please access via the teacher download portal.

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The Adolf Hitler Diaries

In 1979, Gerd Heidemann, a journalist from Der Stern magazine was approached by a man named Dr. Fischer, who claimed to possess Adolf Hitler’s secret diaries written between 1932 and 1945. Dr. Fischer said that the diaries were retrieved from an airplane carrying Hitler’s personal effects that crashed near Dresden.  Local farmers retrieved them from the wreckage and they came into the possession of an East German general who hid them until the early 80’s where they were secretly transported out of East Germany by Dr. Fischer, one at a time, hidden inside pianos.

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Mixed-Martial Artist Pleads Guilty to Murdering and Mutilating Friend During Psychedelic Trip

In the early hours of March 21, 2010, Del Norte County Sheriff's Department deputies and Yurok Tribal Police found Jarrod Wyatt naked and covered in blood from head to toe. When approached, Wyatt told authorities, "I killed him," and stated that he had cut out the heart and tongue of his friend after the two had ingested a hallucinogenic mushroom tea.   

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Matt Moresea, Fairview High School
2012-08-29, 19:34
Upon implementing forensic science as one of our science electives last year, we wanted to find forensics kits that were thorough and gave the students an excellent hands-on experience into the world of forensics. The Mystery of Lyle and Louise kits from Crosscutting Concepts are very thought out a...