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Welcome to Crosscutting Concepts! We develop, manufacture, and market innovative hands-on science education products for high school and post-secondary education. Shop our online store - we offer FREE shipping on all orders over $500!

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Mystery of Lyle & Louise

The Mystery of Lyle & Louise is a series of premier forensic science kits designed for high school and introductory undergraduate education. Comprised of independent hands-on laboratory modules, Lyle and Louise introduces students to a broad range of techniques in forensic analysis.

Desolation: STEM

Now available! Desolation encourages students to use science, technology, engineering and math to help stranded astronauts survive and return home.

Biotechnology by Ellyn

Crosscutting Concepts has partnered with EMC Publishing and author Ellyn Daugherty to develop and market Biotechnology by Ellyn Daugherty™, a series of engaging, hands-on laboratory kits.


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